Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Rods of the Season on the Lake

Dave and a friend were the first to fish Sawmill Lake today.  Looking forward to them posting their catches up here soon...

At 8:00 am this morning there was a lot of fish on the raise.  A few new hatches were starting.

With all this beautiful warm weather here at NorthStar at Tahoe, the remaining snow around the lake is melting fast.  Shore fishing should be taking off in the next week or so, for those fly fisherman that would rather stalk their catch.

Can't wait to get the 1,000 lbs of Donaldson Rainbows (a madriver steelhead and a rainbow mix) that we will be putting in the lake Monday June 20, along with all the holdovers.  Should be a great season with all the water!


  1. Fished today and caught over 30 Rainbows from 16-24 inches. Sorry you couldn't fish with me Joe, hope your knee surgery goes well. Fish hit dries (ants) early then went to a rust color bugger with a nymph dropper. Fish the entire lake but best results was around the area of the dam. Beautiful lake and great fish. Well worth the money. Got a few decent pictures but it's difficult when you fish alone and from a pontoon boat. Guess I'll sent them to Joe to post.

    Eric Iwafuchi

  2. Eric
    Thanks for the kind words about the lake and the fishing. Glad you had a great time. Don't
    forget to hook up with gilligan when the river drops down. thanks and see you soon

  3. I'm impressed with the insights...I there morning is was a lot of fish on the raise day of fishing.

  4. Its a great photography fish here!This is favorite finds from the wonderful the post !

  5. What a wonderfull photography...The fish make a pretty sight rising atop the still waters at dusk on a windless day in the sawmill lake.

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